Benefits of the UPOV System




Video: PVP in Ecuador




Video: PVP in Uruguay
Use of Plant Variety Protection by the Faculty of Agronomy of the ‘Universidad de la Republica’ of Uruguay
   Symposium on Plant Breeding for the Future (2011) UPOV Trilogy Publication
Symposium on Plant Breeding for the Future (2011)
Seminar on Plant Variety Protection and Technology Transfer:  The Benefits of Public-Private Partnership (2011)
Symposium on the Benefits of Plant Variety Protection for Farmers and Growers (2012)
   UPOV Report on the Impact of Plant Variety Protection

Ashiro Rindo Story

A Color for All Seasons” (Article on Ashiro Rindo Story)
(link to “IP Advantage” – Case studies on Intellectual Property – by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO))


Introduction to UPOV


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